Base reference * from the steering wheel rim 1299,-
Respect more like two leather types 1399,-
Steering wheel cover made of Alcantara 1499,-
Gain of the steering wheel rim +350,-
Use of sportcorners +350,-
Steering wheel with airbag +650,-
Cover with Nadelsteppung +150,-
Character * on the steering wheel rim above +100,-
Basic terms of the switching head 500,-
Gear lever skirt 350,-
Complete reference 600,-
Hand brake body 600,-
Handbrakes bag 350,-

*- The steering wheel rim covers the lining in you carefully selected color or a combination of two colors or types of leather. As an example, a combination of black perforated leather and red smooth leather with white stitching.

*- The sign on the steering wheel rim is a deposit asu narrow leather of your choice, as it is used in rally or RS versions.

COD shipping from 2kg 142,- to 5kg 149,-
postage payment on account from 2kg 98,- to 5kg 108,-

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